Adventure Through Dream

My First Post! Whoo!

First of all, welcome to my creative, yet random blog–to be filled with wondrous thoughts from me.

Today’s amazing post will be about my awesome dream last night. Yes. Let’s begin.

It all started at me, holding a gun, in my army. I know where I am, know what I’m doing, and apparently it doesn’t feel weird at all. I continue to follow my friends and we get to a site. Then the battle begins. I walk off–with no fear–into the darkness, and shoot people mercilessly. Its like a video game, no thoughts at all.[EXTREMELY unlike me] Skip ahead a few hours. I have just stuck my dagger into an orange, only to be told by my friend, that the orange has a viral disease put upon by our enemies. I leave the dagger in the orange, and I take a bucket (don’t ask me why) and hold it instead of the dagger, as my melee weapon. At this time, this all makes sense. Yes, a bucket in place of a small knife. Practically the same thing, right? Of course. Skip ahead another few blurry hours. The battle is over, and we’re all retreating to one area, to see which team won. Apparently there were teams. And apparently this was all just a game….? I wake up at this point, slightly confused by my weird dream, and also because of the fact that I thought a bucket was the same as a knife. Like W.H.A.T.? Plus, the bucket was gigantic too. But whatever, my brain has its own mind.


So, you’ve gotten a first hand view of my very awesome dream, aren’t you lucky?

Well, stay tuned, comment, and have adventurous dreams!

-Mintie XD

5 thoughts on “Adventure Through Dream

  1. Hi PeppermintMusic! I just set up my blog a couple of days ago so it’s nice to see someone in a similar situation. All the blogs I’ve browsed through seem so prestigious and packed full of posts already. I love reading stuff about other people’s dreams; you’re so right about how it can make so much sense at the time but when recalling it it’s so ridiculous. Then you almost kind of wish you didn’t recall it at all..
    Looking forward to reading more from you soon :)


  2. I just wanted to let you know that this really made me giggle. Nice to know someone else out there has some random but amazing dreams. Welcome to the WordPress community! :)


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