Productiveness? I Wish.

Hello! This is my second post, and I just would like to say a big THANK YOU to all readers and commentators, who made me feel so welcome!

Now, onto my post!

Today is the first day of July. This month is going to be my Power Rush Productive Month! My plans are to be as productive as I possibly can.

Psh. Like that’s going to happen. I can already see it. My brain is going to want to relax and read blogs all day long, while my…other brain?…will feel the need to read textbooks, clean the house twice a day, and finish all my to-do’s on the long list sitting under the pile of random folders and papers on my desk. I wonder which side is going to win.

I bet I’ll end up with a  headache from all this.

At least I’m using my time wisely right now. Or so I hope…

My story for today is most likely to be of less interest to you than my past dream. Its about my trip to the beach.

I walked closer to the shore, excited and anxious for the incoming wave. As the cold, murky sea water approached closer and closer, my toes dug deeper into the sand, feeling the rush of the wave wash over, taking the midday heat with it. I was glad I came to the beach, even though I was forced away from sitting in front of the computer all day. The wind rushed over me, and I smiled, taking in the beautiful blue ocean, along with its many rocks and waves. Something gray skimmed by in the distance, and I widened my eyes, hoping to catch what was there. Realization hit me like a leaf(I wasn’t very shocked), and I brightened my smile further, enjoying the dolphins wading by. Who knew that a trip to the beach could be so wonderful!

So, how is your vacation/daily days going? I hope you’re not wasting your time away in front of a computer screen! But, then again, you wouldn’t be reading this, so I guess I can’t complain.

Well, I wish you the best summer, so stay tuned, comment, and go to the beach!


Mintie :)

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