Amazing Nature

I was watering my plants this morning, and I noticed how extremely beautiful my plants were! They had color, and glow, and that nature-y feel, so I decided to take some pictures and share it with you guys :). Image

I’m surprised how I never noticed the small details of the plants and trees around me. I’m so used to the environment, that I never took time to enjoy it. Today, my eyes opened, and I saw the wonders of my community, and I loved it. ImageImage

The rocks piling up in front of my house and the textured sidewalk, were both things that popped out to me. Yes, the same sidewalk that I walked over every morning and scraped my shoes on.


I must say, I loved these plants a lot. So much, that I decided to put them as my desktop wallpaper. I hope you enjoy them too.

Til next time!

-Mintie :)


3 thoughts on “Amazing Nature

  1. Beautiful pictures. I agree with you. When I starting paying attention to all the little flowers, plants, mushrooms and such in my backyard, I felt that I was exploring a whole new place.


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