Re-purposing. Redesigning. Being Awesome.

After cleaning my room, again, I found some old pieces of art that I made. They were abstract pieces, that I loved, but wouldn’t put on my wall, for doubt that it would look too childish and messy.So, I decided to cut them up. Yes, you read that correctly. GASP. I scared you didn’t I? Haha. Not that way, of course. Instead, I carefully and intricately cut an old childhood art piece into squares, and placed it on a white piece of paper. The art stood out perfectly, and looked nice.


Okay, fine. I doesn’t look that great, but compared to the original, its a lot better. Its like the difference between a painting with a frame on the wall, and one without. A big difference. But, mine still doesn’t have a frame…


Recently, I found another painting from my young years. Sigh, old memories. Anyways, I used that abstract dashed painting to make a nice artistic piece, full of circles of art and memories. Its so nice to re-purpose!


Please pardon my horrible lighting, and photography skills.

I also made some boxes with printed paper. They’re pretty small, and nice and cute. They can also be used to hold small and decorative items. Haha. I feel like a salesperson now.

Well, I hope this post inspired you to re-purpose some old pieces of random thing that you have!

Have the greatest day ever!

-Mintie ^.^


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