Hey :)

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I recently, on Thanksgiving, saw my friend writing on her blog, and thought back to mine. haha I can’t believe I left it for so long! I remember just a few (only 4) months ago, when I had been brainstorming on a new post. I was stuck, and decided to take a break. That break started as 2 minutes, then grew into a terrifying monster. Whenever I went on my favorite site, lifehack.org, I would often see posts about blogging or writing, and the guilt would jump in my face. It was pretty sad, now that I think about it. I was writing a story on another site, and it has been about 4 months since I updated it too. I hate procrastination!

Well now that it’s over, here’s my Thanksgiving Thanks.

Starting 2 days before thanksgiving, I decided to write a nice and honest letter to each and every one of my friends that I still have contact with. Before school ended last year, I had planned to write these  letters, but had never gotten to it. For thanksgiving, however, I decided I would finally thank my awesome and amazing friends. It was really fun, because I realized and remember all the things we did together, and hope helpful they were to me in my life. They helped me grow stronger and into a better person. I really appreciate my friends. Another plus of sending my friends thankful emails were their replies. Since my friends are super amazing, lots of them sent really sweet replies back to my letters, and I think I almost cried.

I know lots of people thanked their family and friends in their hearts, but I think we should all start thanking people and touch their hearts. Sometimes I want to compliment someone, but don’t because I feel that it’s too awkward or weird. It’s not though! Random and nice compliments always make me feel good, because a compliment is still a compliment. I realized as I was sending letters that most people never got sweet letters thanking them or telling them how amazing they are.

To make a change this week, start thanking people for random things. E.g. talking to you, making your day brighter by saying hi, even just a simple smile. :)

Don’t you think it would be awesome if people complimented each other as often as they breathed?

Thanks :)



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