Today, my pastor said something that I know will impact my life forever.

She said many inspirational and relatable words, but this one really spoke out to me.

“If you can’t even do something so easy now–like studying–how will you be able to do something greater for God?”

This spoke to me so well; it really stuck with me. I often complain (sadly) about simple things, like homework, cleaning, and the like, but I want to impact the people around me and do great things. It’s one of my biggest goals to become something more, to impact, to help, and if I can’t even do my homework, and have self control over it, how do I expect to do greater things (share Jesus with others, and help others)?

She also said, “Do everything with all you have.” I love it. It is beautiful, and I really strive for it. If I didn’t do things half heartedly, and instead did things with all my might, how much better would these things be? LOTS. LOTS LOTS BETTER. I can’t even imagine how much better of a person I would be if I just put my effort into things.


A lot of times, I strive to be a respected, looked up to person, but I feel like I’m so, so far away from it. If I just put my effort into everything, wouldn’t that help reach my goal too? I think so!

Let’s pretend that you’re in a group of people learning to become leaders. You’re all instructed to, let’s say, rake the leaves. Some people would complain and say how boring or tiring this is, while others would start raking, but with an annoyed, or irritated mood. They would say things like, “What’s the point in this”, or “This is stupid”. Then, one person begins to rake the leaves happily, quickly making a pile. He smiles, efficiently rakes, and others begin to follow him. They see his efficiency, joy, and will, and want to be like him. People want to be happy. He has led the people!

It’s simple! Just do everything with all your heart, and everything becomes better. Happiness and joy in doing things is awesome too.

Take a step, be joyful, and do everything with all you’ve got.




P.S. I hope this wasn’t too deep for you! hehe


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