Liking Likes

Whenever I post something on Facebook, which is quite rare, my friends happen to click a special little button and bring a smile to my face. The like button. Commonly seen as a thumb pointing upwards.

They’re so nice to like my post! Too nice even. So nice I want to like their like. Or love their like. 

Sometimes I even want to like my own posts, because, well…it’s so good! haha It’s really not, but on the off chance that it is, I feel like pressing that button too. Sadly, it’ll be too sad for me to see when I’m the only one who likes my post. 

I’ll be scrolling over my profile, and then I’ll see a post which has 1 like. I’ll wonder who liked it, bubbling with excitement (Sad, isn’t it). Then, when I see my name next to the like, my smile will turn upside down, and I’ll wonder why my life is so sad. Lonely. Like-less. :(

haha. I never post things on facebook so it’s okay anyways. 

Just a quirky random post I felt like writing. I’m in the grooooove. yay!



-Mintie :D


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