Flowers, Petals, and Life

Flowers, Petals, and Life

As usual, I had been wandering around in my yard, when I saw some flower petals on the ground. The petals looked so beautiful, and I couldn’t help but think that people are like flowers too.

We all start out as a small seed, and we grow and grow until we become a flower bud. As a flower bud, our fellow flower buds and full flowers around us begin to affect us. The words they say impact us so much. They want to pick at our petals and choose out the nicer looking ones, and take it with them.

Sometimes, they like our talents and want to use it for something else, so all we are is that one talent, that one petal. Our whole being, the whole flower, is broken, and only a few petals are used. The rest is forgotten, and all you’re known by is that one petal. However, if they just let you keep your petals, and stopped picking them off, you would grow bigger and greater, with millions of quirks and petals, never stopping.

All our potential.

You would become so much more, if people let you be it.

This is just what I thought of when I saw some flower petals on the ground.

Kind of confusing, but I hope it touches your heart.



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