I like Water Bottles

I like Water Bottles. I just do. 

Just like how I liked lots of things before, but don’t care that much for them anymore. I used to love stuffed animals when I was small. And I liked walking around on my tippy toes and spinning in circles. So, things change, and they pass and go.

There are many random things I did before, that I find amusing to think of now. For a summer, my hobby was jumping off of tall things. At my summer camp, me and my friends often got to go to the park. I don’t really remember how we started, but we just did. We started jumping off of the rails, and the slides, and everything we could find. We had technique and everything. To have a good jump, you had to land with your knees bent, to prevent injury, and you had to jump from high places. It was exhilarating and fun, but dangerous too. I once hit my jaw on my knees, and it hurrrrt.

A few years before that, me and my friends spun in circles as a pastime. We had many different kinds of spins, ones with our arms spread out, ones when we chopped our arms up and down like scissors, ones where we did the wave with our arms, and many more. My friend had short hair back then, and it looked a bit like a mushroom when she spun (but don’t tell her that). hehe.

I guess my life has been pretty interesting so far, and even though I like water bottles now, I might not like them so much in the future.

Maybe I should have called this post, Things Pass and Things Go…

eh, I like water bottles better. :p

Thank you for reading :D

-Mintie (on a Wednesday)


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