Sometimes I feel so boxed in, set to be a specific person with no way out. People judge others as a specific type of person, and leave it at that.

That’s basically what the whole world does, isn’t it?

We categorize people into boxes, labeling them as outgoing, shy, crazy, weird, successful, and all sorts of things. We make fun lists of how people are based on their birthday, year of birth, and even their name! True, its fun to find out “your” personality from these lists, but what if you don’t want to be what it categorizes you as?

Maybe you don’t want to be stuck to your peer’s ideals for you. Maybe you want to be able to do whatever you’d like, be whoever you’d like to be. I’m not saying for everyone to start screaming YOLO and becoming crazy, but we can all start being ourselves sometime, can’t we? Can we be free to walk towards are goals without fear, to be the person written on all those New Year Resolutions?

Can we stop hiding behind a mask and not be afraid to step out of boundaries?


That’s what I was wondering, too.




3 thoughts on “Categories

  1. This is so true. Everyone can relate to this. You should put all these amazing, inspirational posts on youtube and u’ll get at least a million views :) and likes <3 And people will agree with you, try to be themselves, and you'll be a hero ^.^

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