Pray for Her

As I was walking home today, this girl I knew was waiting for her parents to pick her up. She had a cast around her left leg, and a thought flew into my head. Pray for her.

 I wanted, so badly to have the courage to her, but my fear gets in the way. What if the people around me thought I was weird? What if my prayer didn’t work? What if she thought I was weird?

That was before I realized something amazing.

God created me, and he is the creator of the universe, the one who saved us and made us! I could go on for hours, talking about how truly A-W-E-S-O-M-E he is, but I have something else to share. Just a few hours ago, I was worrying about being weird, or looking crazy, but why am I afraid? What is there to fear? I already have the greatest being ever as my father. What more could I ask?

Knowing these things opened my eyes. If I prayed for that hurt person, she would feel better, loved even, and touched by God. Her life could potentially change. God’s presence is on me, and what other people think doesn’t matter. <3

My friends, so amazing and filled with God, helped me realize this, and I can’t thank them more. They are amazing too.

-Mintie (Feeling amazed)


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