Which Path Should I Take?


In my PE class, we head out to the track on Mondays and Tuesdays, running twice a week. Sad, I know.

From the Gym to the track, there are two paths. One is a concrete path, that goes around the buildings, and another way cuts through the grass. The teachers want us to go around the buildings, but often, we step onto the grass as a shortcut. By “we”, I mean the students.

While many of my classmates just follow the crowd, lost in their conversations, my friend and I take the concrete path. It came to me today that this situation was similar to life itself.

You can choose to follow the crowd, or just get lost in your own things, or you can choose the right way. Sometimes the correct path can be harder, longer, or difficult to walk through, but you have to persevere. You get to choose.

I guess that’s what makes life so exciting and fun.


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