Everyone has their own insecurities. Common ones are about physical appearance and behavior.

Let’s all deal with our insecurities today, and stop being afraid. Find some paper, or open a document. Now, write down all your insecurities. No one will see this document you have. Don’t be afraid. Face these fears.

Here are some of mine: I am insecure about my physical appearance, personality, attitude, and so much more. I am afraid of judgement. Especially that from my friends. I am insecure about my chubby calves ahah. I am scared that people will find me mean or disgusting. I am afraid of being hurt. I am insecure about my grades, my reputation as well.

So many of these are rooted from experiences I’ve had, but recently I’ve learned not to be insecure anymore. This list would have been a lot longer if I’d written it a month ago. :) I’ve began to accept myself, knowing that others feel the same in their insecurities. No need to all suffer.

For some reason, things that would have disgusted me not long ago don’t affect me at all. For example, when someone sneezed and snot went everywhere, I only felt compassion for them. I wanted to help them instead of leering away in judgement. I like this. I am not insecure about any gross things like farts, snot, and whatnot haha. Yay, progress.

I hope we can all become more accepting. As we stop judging others, we will stop judging ourselves–and stop feeling judged as well. No more worrying about perfecting our hair. No more hiding our true nature in fear of judgement.

Keep working. You got this.

-Mintie loves you

P.S. I have not added any pictures because I have no camera and don’t want to be a copyrighter haha. Please give me suggestions on what to do.

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