Thanks Board

Hi guys!

I recently made a thankful board, and I would love for you awesome internet-users to add to it!

I wrote a post on my shared blog, Braid Your Life, so check that out as well. Yay, blogging once again.

This thankful board is on trello, and is quite open. Just message me or contact me in any way, and I can add you as well. We can all share our random thanks, and make the internet a better place! I basically will add anything I’m thankful for on there. Check it out. :) From shoes to best friends, this thankful board will be filled with gratitude.

That is all for this post! BE HAPPY AND GIVE THANKS!

-Mintie (after another long break :D)

P.S. The abundance of exclamation marks on this post signify my excitement and joy.

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