You are Awesome

I was getting some milk tea the other day with my family, and there were these two adorable little boys in line in front of us, with their mom and older sister getting milk tea. They were so cute and I wished I was a child again.

I admired how they didn’t have a care in the world about what other people thought about them. They ran around and were only focused on their own needs. They dressed comfortably, and one of the boys had a shirt that said “YOU ARE AWESOME” with smaller font under it “and so am I”. Here’s what it looked like:


That made me smile. I wish I had a shirt like that! I probably wouldn’t wear it though, because it would make me seem arrogant haha. But it definitely fit the boy who was wearing it.

All the boys wanted was to sit. They didn’t want any cold, delicious milk tea. The boys went into the shop, as the line was outside, to try to find seats but there were none. Then one of the boys decided to sit on his mom’s shoe. It was funny because he loudly told his friend, “I’m going to sit on my mom’s shoe.” I have never said those words before.


They honestly made my day. No worries. No stress. Just sitting on their mom’s shoes and talking about video games. Living the life.

Some takeaways from this experience: Don’t worry so much about what others think. Love yourself. Enjoy life. Express your feelings. Smile. Hangout with your friends. Run around. Spread love and happiness.

I want you to know that you are awesome! And hopefully so am I :)



Mouse Touchpads and Smartness


I was just looking for a good picture, but this is the exact same mouse touchpad as my computer :O

Today, today. Oh today.

Today, I was testing out my buttons on this laptop I recently received as a hand-me-down. It is quite quite old, but I like it.

I pressed a button that resembles a touchpad, a button that has a ?, a Zz button (which apparently puts my computer on sleep) and a few more. I also decided to clean my mouse touchpad a bit with some random piece of wire.

Then when I stopped pressing buttons and wanted to use my touchpad, it didn’t work! I began to worry. OH NO! Did I break it already? Oh my gosh… WHY ARE YOU SO SMART MINTIE?

Thankfully I did have a wireless mouse, so I could still survive. With the mouse, I spent several minutes (wow lots of time) searching for solutions, but I found none. My touchpad life seemed over.

I went back to wasting time on facebook and blogs, even playing some rounds (yes only a few rounds, not 2 hours) of trivia crack.

But then I got annoyed at using only my mouse as I would often try the mouse touchpad only to be confused for several seconds. SO, I decided to email my brother, who had passed the laptop down to me.

After pressing send, I decided to search on the fabulous google once again. The first link led me to the my solution in about 5 seconds. PRESS THE TOUCHPAD BUTTON TO ENABLE IT.

After a moment of realization, I felt like I was the smartest person on earth. Please do note the sarcasm.

I pressed the button and all was well… And then, still feeling like the smartest person on earth, I decided to share my awesome experience to the world. :)

Are you loving the weird 2015 Mintie?


The Embarrassing Moment

The embarrassing moment when your water bottle (that your secret pal gave you) breaks from falling onto the ground. Boom crash. The cap falls off. The water spills out. You pick it up and hold the capless water bottle in your hand. You walk to class, trying not to spill any water on people.

My water bottle looks just like this:

But now without the cap fixed on.

The embarrassing moment when you try to fix the broken water bottle with scotch tape. In Lit class. And then you repeat the story to your seat partner. They give you kind words. But the scotch tape fails.

The embarrassing moment when you fail many times at drinking water from the broken water bottle. Throughout the day in all your classes. “BUT IM THIRSTY,” you think. The cap falls off. Neighbors stare. You try to help your dry throat.

The embarrassing moment when your teacher is talking and the class is quiet. “Oh, I’m thirsty,” your brain thinks. You decide to drink some water from your water bottle.

The embarrassing moment when the cap falls off and you laugh quietly. You take a sip of water, but hold it in your mouth so you don’t choke. You are still quietly laughing, but trying to stop your laughter.

Then you look across your group table and see a fellow student judging you. Oh no. However, at this moment you decide to try swallowing your water.


The laughter begins pouring out of your throat. But still stuck in your mouth with the water. You start choking, and your lovely sounds fill the quiet classroom. The teacher stops his lecture. Your lovely classmates stare in your direction. You’re laughing, You’re choking, You’re drinking water.

Keep in mind that this laugh-choking sounds absolutely horrendous. If spelled, it would be caa-ooh-mm-ngg-uhhh-. on repeat. x200

Questions start flying at you. “Oh, are you okay?” “What happened?” “Oh my” “haha Mintieee” Their kind laughs fill the air. You laugh with them.

Still, you try to stop this choking laughter. And eventually you do. And that’s the end of it. (For you. Not for me)

The embarrassing moment.

By Mintie