Worship is more than a Song


From one of my favorite songs, Clear the Stage, this line “Worship is More than a Song” tells a whole story!

Often times when I worship God, I focus so much on my singing, and the tune of the song itself that I forget what I’m doing. I’m worshiping the God who created everything, the one who sent his only son to save us all, the Alpha and the Omega.

I never stop and think, “Wow. Right now, I am praising the CREATOR OF EVERYTHING!” Instead, I focus on other things. I look at the video, or test out my piano skills as I sing, not noticing the words at all. Tsk tsk.

All around the world, people do things that they don’t truly mean. In America, some people say the Pledge of Allegiance as a habit, and don’t even understand a single word of what they’re saying. To them, it’s just something they have to do. Other times, people gossip and talk smack about others without even noticing their horrible words–but just to talk.

Let’s change that. I challenge you to mean every single word of you say or do. Don’t lie, or fake it.

Comment about how it feels!


P.S. Please don’t use this as a way to talk smack about people. “I’m just telling the truth” Don’t get into things that will make you want to lie.