You know the feeling you get when you step out of the shower? Ahh, the steam in the bathroom hitting your face, your feet feeling squeaky clean, and everything about you is refreshed.

Let’s take that in for a second. Play some calming music in the background. Beautiful feeling, isn’t it?

That’s actually how I felt a few hours ago when I cleared my desk. It was absolutely cluttered and pain inducing. I felt claustrophobic just sitting in front of my computer. It was bad. But I finally mustered up the motivation to clean it out. Once I got started, I didn’t want to stop. Now, my desk is cleared and I feel… refreshed. 

My mind is clear. No flustered distractions everywhere. I feel squeaky clean. There aren’t random pieces of paper stacked on top of each other with trash in between. It’s clean, and beautiful.

So, if your desk (or life) was super crowded and pain-inducing, clean it out! Make your life refreshing like a nice cool shower or an iced cup of lemonade on a hot day.

-Mintie :D

New Blog

Hey there!

I’ve recently created a new blog, meant to share about Jesus. Check it out! It’s completely about God, and not a random mashup of my life. haha :)

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ll try my best to post regularly and entertain you a bit more. 

I also wanted to remind you that you are amazing, beautiful, special, and God loves you! 

Don’t be afraid to smile. Your smile is beautiful.

<3 mintie

Ups and Downs


There are so many ups and downs in life. So many.

But that’s what makes it so fun and adventurous. If life was always a big “up”, the high would seem normal, and our “normal” now would seem low. So, since we have both ups AND downs, we get to see how amazing the good parts are. And the bad parts help form our personalities and experiences. 

But life is good. If you’re positive, everything can be a fun experience to learn from. It’s just your Point of View.

So, I challenge you. See the world differently. Change your point of view.


Worship is more than a Song


From one of my favorite songs, Clear the Stage, this line “Worship is More than a Song” tells a whole story!

Often times when I worship God, I focus so much on my singing, and the tune of the song itself that I forget what I’m doing. I’m worshiping the God who created everything, the one who sent his only son to save us all, the Alpha and the Omega.

I never stop and think, “Wow. Right now, I am praising the CREATOR OF EVERYTHING!” Instead, I focus on other things. I look at the video, or test out my piano skills as I sing, not noticing the words at all. Tsk tsk.

All around the world, people do things that they don’t truly mean. In America, some people say the Pledge of Allegiance as a habit, and don’t even understand a single word of what they’re saying. To them, it’s just something they have to do. Other times, people gossip and talk smack about others without even noticing their horrible words–but just to talk.

Let’s change that. I challenge you to mean every single word of you say or do. Don’t lie, or fake it.

Comment about how it feels!


P.S. Please don’t use this as a way to talk smack about people. “I’m just telling the truth” Don’t get into things that will make you want to lie.

Which Path Should I Take?


In my PE class, we head out to the track on Mondays and Tuesdays, running twice a week. Sad, I know.

From the Gym to the track, there are two paths. One is a concrete path, that goes around the buildings, and another way cuts through the grass. The teachers want us to go around the buildings, but often, we step onto the grass as a shortcut. By “we”, I mean the students.

While many of my classmates just follow the crowd, lost in their conversations, my friend and I take the concrete path. It came to me today that this situation was similar to life itself.

You can choose to follow the crowd, or just get lost in your own things, or you can choose the right way. Sometimes the correct path can be harder, longer, or difficult to walk through, but you have to persevere. You get to choose.

I guess that’s what makes life so exciting and fun.


Light in my Forest


Ever feel lost, completely unsure of your decisions, or anything?

It’s like you’re walking through the dark forest, without your glasses, and everything is blurry. There’s no way out or in.

That’s how I felt yesterday. I felt like I was wading through murky water, with no idea what to do! I didn’t know which classes to choose, what assignments I should work on, and everything felt like a mystery. I couldn’t focus on my project, and I was so utterly and completely lost. I was in front of my computer at my desk, but not really there at the same time.

Feeling incapable and uncomfortable, I decided to chat my friend, Jan. Jan is an amazing person, and she’s very wise too. :) She’s also hilarious and fun to be around. I needed prayer and she just happened to be online. I told her how I felt, using unorganized examples, and she told me that she felt the same way sometimes too. 

Just talking to someone made me feel better, and the clouds started to clear up. I searched around online, clicking a few old bookmarks I had. I was reading a blog, and on the side was another great post. At first I laughed because it was titled “Invest in a pair of Earmuffs”. Then, I realized that it was talking about trusting in God and not caring about what other people say about you. This really spoke to me, and I think I didn’t come across it by coincidence. Thank you Jesus!

I also flipped randomly in my Bible, hoping to come across something helpful. Multiple verses told me to Trust the Lord, and made me feel on a path again. 

God was the light in my forest, the sun streaming through the murky water. I just needed to trust him.

-Mintie :)

I once was lost, but now I’m found.

Pray for Her

As I was walking home today, this girl I knew was waiting for her parents to pick her up. She had a cast around her left leg, and a thought flew into my head. Pray for her.

 I wanted, so badly to have the courage to her, but my fear gets in the way. What if the people around me thought I was weird? What if my prayer didn’t work? What if she thought I was weird?

That was before I realized something amazing.

God created me, and he is the creator of the universe, the one who saved us and made us! I could go on for hours, talking about how truly A-W-E-S-O-M-E he is, but I have something else to share. Just a few hours ago, I was worrying about being weird, or looking crazy, but why am I afraid? What is there to fear? I already have the greatest being ever as my father. What more could I ask?

Knowing these things opened my eyes. If I prayed for that hurt person, she would feel better, loved even, and touched by God. Her life could potentially change. God’s presence is on me, and what other people think doesn’t matter. <3

My friends, so amazing and filled with God, helped me realize this, and I can’t thank them more. They are amazing too.

-Mintie (Feeling amazed)

People make me Smile :)

ImagePeople make me smile :)

It’s so cool to talk to people, to get to know them! 

Often, I’m too wrapped up in myself to step out of the little bubble I’ve made for myself and meet someone knew.

I’m really awed by how amazing people are. Me, being human, I label and judge unconsciously, without even trying. This only makes it cooler when I get to know someone. Their real personality shocks me and leaves me astounded. How can someone have so much pressure, but act so laid back? How can someone be so talented, but hide it so well? How can someone smile when they’ve gone through so much?

Those things make my jaw drop to the floor in awe. What wondrous people I have around me. Every single person is filled with their own thoughts, personalities, hobbies, and so much more! When I realized this, getting to know someone became a hobby in itself. To even get a glimpse of someone’s life is too amazing for words. 

That’s why people make me smile.

-Mintie :)