Mouse Touchpads and Smartness


I was just looking for a good picture, but this is the exact same mouse touchpad as my computer :O

Today, today. Oh today.

Today, I was testing out my buttons on this laptop I recently received as a hand-me-down. It is quite quite old, but I like it.

I pressed a button that resembles a touchpad, a button that has a ?, a Zz button (which apparently puts my computer on sleep) and a few more. I also decided to clean my mouse touchpad a bit with some random piece of wire.

Then when I stopped pressing buttons and wanted to use my touchpad, it didn’t work! I began to worry. OH NO! Did I break it already? Oh my gosh… WHY ARE YOU SO SMART MINTIE?

Thankfully I did have a wireless mouse, so I could still survive. With the mouse, I spent several minutes (wow lots of time) searching for solutions, but I found none. My touchpad life seemed over.

I went back to wasting time on facebook and blogs, even playing some rounds (yes only a few rounds, not 2 hours) of trivia crack.

But then I got annoyed at using only my mouse as I would often try the mouse touchpad only to be confused for several seconds. SO, I decided to email my brother, who had passed the laptop down to me.

After pressing send, I decided to search on the fabulous google once again. The first link led me to the my solution in about 5 seconds. PRESS THE TOUCHPAD BUTTON TO ENABLE IT.

After a moment of realization, I felt like I was the smartest person on earth. Please do note the sarcasm.

I pressed the button and all was well… And then, still feeling like the smartest person on earth, I decided to share my awesome experience to the world. :)

Are you loving the weird 2015 Mintie?