Washing Dishes is Less Painful Now

The relationship between me and dish-washing has grown a lot in the last few years. When I was 5-6 years younger, washing dishes was a rare occurrence that was thrown in my face occasionally after dinner. (FYI My family never used the dishwasher)

I’d be about to walk back into my room to do something, when my dad would ask me to do the dishes. Please. I would (obviously) argue back a bit, but reluctantly wash those dishes soon thereafter. Washing dishes was whatever. I only did it once or twice a month anyways.

Skip a few years later, and my parents decided that they wanted us to wash all the dishes. We tried a sign in sheet, like the ones they have in McDonald’s’ toilets, but someone either forgot to mark their name or didn’t do it at all. After a few more tests, we made a washing schedule. Since I had 3 other siblings :), I only washed 3 times a week (since we split each day into 2 washing sessions–lunch and dinner), but those three times were horrible and I dreaded them every week. I especially remember that I had to wash on Monday afternoons. Monday afternoons are probably the worst time to wash dishes because

A. Mondays suck

B. Washing dishes to start off the week is not fun

C. Sometimes the Sunday night washer forgets and it piles up to me.

So, when we were given the chance to change the schedule because my oldest brother was going out to college, I made sure that I didn’t wash on Monday afternoons. Woot. Now washing dishes was better.

However, along with moving from Monday afternoons to Tuesdays, I now had to wash every day because there were more spaces to fill up. At first, I thought that my life was ruined. Washing dishes EVERY DAY? NO CAN DO.

But of course I did it.

And as I washed more and more, it became less horrifying and Instead of seeing my dish-washing time as annoying and etc, I enjoyed the times when I didn’t have to wash. I went from a “NOOO It’s my turn to wash. SAVE ME” to a “YAY I don’t have to wash tonight! WOOT WOOT!”

Now that I think about it… if I had just enjoyed the days when I was free from washing back when I only washed 3 times a week, I would have been a lot happier.

Moral: The more you do something, the easier it gets. You begin to enjoy your breaks.

More applicable moral: When you see the bright side, everything get’s better!

Yay! I hope you apply this to your life and make everything easier. Maybe you’ll enjoy dish-washing someday. Or cleaning the toilet. :D





You know the feeling you get when you step out of the shower? Ahh, the steam in the bathroom hitting your face, your feet feeling squeaky clean, and everything about you is refreshed.

Let’s take that in for a second. Play some calming music in the background. Beautiful feeling, isn’t it?

That’s actually how I felt a few hours ago when I cleared my desk. It was absolutely cluttered and pain inducing. I felt claustrophobic just sitting in front of my computer. It was bad. But I finally mustered up the motivation to clean it out. Once I got started, I didn’t want to stop. Now, my desk is cleared and I feel… refreshed. 

My mind is clear. No flustered distractions everywhere. I feel squeaky clean. There aren’t random pieces of paper stacked on top of each other with trash in between. It’s clean, and beautiful.

So, if your desk (or life) was super crowded and pain-inducing, clean it out! Make your life refreshing like a nice cool shower or an iced cup of lemonade on a hot day.

-Mintie :D

Liking Likes

Whenever I post something on Facebook, which is quite rare, my friends happen to click a special little button and bring a smile to my face. The like button. Commonly seen as a thumb pointing upwards.

They’re so nice to like my post! Too nice even. So nice I want to like their like. Or love their like. 

Sometimes I even want to like my own posts, because, well…it’s so good! haha It’s really not, but on the off chance that it is, I feel like pressing that button too. Sadly, it’ll be too sad for me to see when I’m the only one who likes my post. 

I’ll be scrolling over my profile, and then I’ll see a post which has 1 like. I’ll wonder who liked it, bubbling with excitement (Sad, isn’t it). Then, when I see my name next to the like, my smile will turn upside down, and I’ll wonder why my life is so sad. Lonely. Like-less. :(

haha. I never post things on facebook so it’s okay anyways. 

Just a quirky random post I felt like writing. I’m in the grooooove. yay!



-Mintie :D