What I’ve Become

When I hold my jar of dreams

In my hands, my palms sweaty.

The dancing lights swallow the night,

As a mirror flies my kite,

The gentle waves change roaring tides

and shaking trees leave me to hide;

A swan slows down to calm the pulse

The crow escaped, feeling repulsed.

A ripple wakens me from sleep

Not holding back, I take a leap.

The sun is up, the time has come,

To show the world

Source: What I’ve Become by Silver Lining

Love this -Mintie


To My Valentine

To My Valentine

Oh how I love journals.

You record whatever you would like to, forget about it, and find it again when you’re feeling like looking through your past archives.

We had to write a journal for Lit, and my friend and I helped each other edit and such. My friend was so helpful and nice, and I’m so thankful for her. She knows who she is, and she’s amazing. :)

So, I was looking back at my elementary school journals, and I found this really nice poem hidden in one of them. I’m pretty sure that a published writer wrote it, but I didn’t write down the author of the poem.

The poem was called, To My Valentine

If apples were pears

And peaches were plums

And the rose had a different name,

If tigers were bears

And fingers were thumbs

I’d love you just the same.

That’s probably one of the cutest things I’ve ever read. Aww <3.

I just want to hug that poem so much. It’s cute. I hope this poem was as cute to you as it was to me.

Stay cute!

-Mintie :)