Reflecting on Peppermints


Can you believe that it’s already been a year since this blog started? Oh my gosh! I can’t. I remember starting this blog after reading lifehack There were so many posts about the benefits of blogging and such that I decided to finally create one. It has definitely impacted and benefited me though. I’m so glad I started.

At first, I just wanted to write and impress. My first post came out pretty easily, but the second one was practically impossible. Many viewers had commented about how they enjoyed the first–thankfully–but I couldn’t find anything up to par with it. Tough, right? Competing with your past. I eventually managed to write some yabber on Productiveness, but my views went down.

For months, I wrote for the people, and only a teensy bit for myself. I wanted to write something people would enjoy. But it’s hard. Very hard, at least for a newbie. I stopped posting and ran out of things to say.

When I came back, I finally realized that people could read whatever they wanted to. There would be no way that I could please them all. With my blog, the only person I could please completely would be me (and God if I wrote about the right stuff), but mainly me. I started writing about things that made me happy. The readers could enjoy it if they liked.

Reading all my posts again today, I really liked some. However, others were a bit embarrassing to look back on. Did I really talk like that?! That doesn’t even make any sense! (I bet I sound the same to you though (: ). I even learned some things from my own posts and really wanted to like them.  :D

Truly, I’ve said this all to say thank you to you. Thank you for reading my posts, supporting me, and sticking with me for however long since you’ve found my blog. Thank you for taking the time. Thank you for making me feel smarter, and a better person through your follows and likes. I don’t know if you can truly understand, but you just reading my posts have made me so much happier. I love you guys!

Thank you, and I hope you stay with me for more years to come.

Hugs, Mintie


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