You are Awesome

I was getting some milk tea the other day with my family, and there were these two adorable little boys in line in front of us, with their mom and older sister getting milk tea. They were so cute and I wished I was a child again.

I admired how they didn’t have a care in the world about what other people thought about them. They ran around and were only focused on their own needs. They dressed comfortably, and one of the boys had a shirt that said “YOU ARE AWESOME” with smaller font under it “and so am I”. Here’s what it looked like:


That made me smile. I wish I had a shirt like that! I probably wouldn’t wear it though, because it would make me seem arrogant haha. But it definitely fit the boy who was wearing it.

All the boys wanted was to sit. They didn’t want any cold, delicious milk tea. The boys went into the shop, as the line was outside, to try to find seats but there were none. Then one of the boys decided to sit on his mom’s shoe. It was funny because he loudly told his friend, “I’m going to sit on my mom’s shoe.” I have never said those words before.


They honestly made my day. No worries. No stress. Just sitting on their mom’s shoes and talking about video games. Living the life.

Some takeaways from this experience: Don’t worry so much about what others think. Love yourself. Enjoy life. Express your feelings. Smile. Hangout with your friends. Run around. Spread love and happiness.

I want you to know that you are awesome! And hopefully so am I :)



People make me Smile :)

ImagePeople make me smile :)

It’s so cool to talk to people, to get to know them! 

Often, I’m too wrapped up in myself to step out of the little bubble I’ve made for myself and meet someone knew.

I’m really awed by how amazing people are. Me, being human, I label and judge unconsciously, without even trying. This only makes it cooler when I get to know someone. Their real personality shocks me and leaves me astounded. How can someone have so much pressure, but act so laid back? How can someone be so talented, but hide it so well? How can someone smile when they’ve gone through so much?

Those things make my jaw drop to the floor in awe. What wondrous people I have around me. Every single person is filled with their own thoughts, personalities, hobbies, and so much more! When I realized this, getting to know someone became a hobby in itself. To even get a glimpse of someone’s life is too amazing for words. 

That’s why people make me smile.

-Mintie :)